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THE LEGALMIGA LIBRARY™: Legal Resources for Small Business Owners.

An online library filled with attorney-drafted legal resources for business owners who want comprehensive legal protection for their business, brand, website, products, services, & content without breaking the bank. Created by Taylor Tieman, Esq., small business attorney & brand advocate, the Legalmiga Library™ was specifically designed for hardworking and determined business owners with a real need for trustworthy legal templates and educational resources to allow them to take immediate action to protect their businesses. Read more about our story here.

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Protect your business with proper legal protection

The Power to Protect Your Business In Your Hands.

Your business has been handcrafted by you from day one. You’ve put your passion, your time, and everything you have into building a business that can grow and thrive long-term. But without the proper legal protections in place, your business isn’t built on a solid foundation. You’re leaving yourself open to risk that can cost you thousands of dollars–– if not your entire business. 
As your in-house legal librarian, we’re not prepared to let that happen to you. You deserve to be legally protected from the day you launch regardless of budget or access to an attorney or law firm. The Legalmiga Library™ was designed to put the power back into your hands, so you can build the business of your dreams without the fear of legal repercussions.

The Library is For You if You:

Have Big Goals & Want To Minimize Your Risk

You know that without properly protecting your business from the ground up, you are leaving yourself open to liability, financial responsibility, stolen work, lawsuits, and more. 
You want to grow and scale your business with a solid foundation, so you don’t run into major problems down the line. 

Want Legit Legal Protection While Balling On A Budget

You know the value of setting your business up correctly, but you’re just starting out and you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest into an attorney. 
The Legalmiga Library™ can help you with everything you need to get your business in legal tip-top shape, so you can focus on growing your dream business without the extra stress and worry on top of it all. 

Have Been Relying on Google University.

You mean well, but creating your own contracts and legal policies after hours of research on “Google University” won’t actually legally protect your business. In fact, it may be leaving you open to real liability.  You’re ready to set your business up with the right contracts and legal protections that cover all your legal bases and can hold up when you need it most.   
Legalmiga Library, Legal Contract Templates

Legal Contract Templates

Rest easy knowing you’ve got the right contracts and legal protections in place to cover your business should anything happen. From launching your website, hiring contractors, inviting guests onto your podcast, and more, make sure you’re not leaving anything up to interpretation. 
Legal education and courses, self-study courses

Self-Study Courses

Want to trademark your business name or copyright your work? Want to learn what you should be doing to legally protect your business and what contracts you should be using and when? 
Learn all the aspects of setting your business up for comprehensive legal protection. Even if you choose to tackle legal on your own, you'll walk away with actionable steps to take within your preferred topic.  
legal templates for under $100

Protections Under $100

Get legally protected today for just under $100 with some of our most sought-after resources.

Check out our templates, courses, and even workshops to get you started on your business' legal legacy. 
Marissa Lima, MyCopyCrush
Using these templates made it so easy to get my business covered from the start! I didn’t have to worry about if it was legit or not, breaking the bank, or spending hours trying to fill it out and being confused. It was simple, easy, and up on my website within an hour.
Marissa Lima, MyCopyCrush

Marissa Lima - Owner, MyCopyCrush

Kate Dwinell Coaching
These were SUPER easy to use, easy to understand, and literally took under 10 minutes to plug in my business information. The templates have given me so much peace of mind, and I know that no matter what situation comes up, the templates have my business & myself protected.
Kate Dwinell Coaching

Kate Dwinell Coaching

Shannon Lutz, The Social Bungalow
Seamless! The templates immediately "upleveled" the perception of my work and brought a layer of professionalism to the table. From purchase, to download, to editing and uploading to CRM. Everything has been one-click effortless! I tell EVERYONE about these. 
Shannon Lutz, The Social Bungalow

Shannon Lutz - Owner, The Social Bungalow

Legal Disclaimer

The Legalmiga Library™ is owned by Legalmiga, LLC and is not a law firm or a lawyer. Nothing available for viewing or purchase on this website is legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing any template, product, course, or resource available on this website. If you have a specific problem and need legal advice, contact a licensed attorney in your state.